5 Fun Washi Tape DIYs

As a lover of washi tape, of course I had to make a post about all the things you can do with washi…here are 5 of the best diys with washi tape! Enjoy!

1. Washi Tape Light Switch Cover


This adorable light cover can make a simple object into a fun, cute craft!

find at homemydesign

2. Washi Your Workplace!


A simple keyboard? Not anymore with none other than…washi tape!

find at brit+co

3. Decorate Your Cups


Wrap washi tape around some inexpensive plastic cups, and tada!

Find at pinterest.com

4. iPhone Organization


Finally get over the fights about whose cord is whose..

Find at Washi Tape Crafts

5. Hangers


Decorate old clothes hangers and brighten up any closet!

Find at I Should Be Mopping The Floor

If none of these were up to your level of washi, make sure to check out the featured sites, because they all have plenty more ideas that you’ll (hopefully) like!



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