DIY Back to School

While both exciting and invigorating, back to school also leaves the feeling of pure exhaustion…since the list of supplies seems to go on and on, here are some cute, fun, practical diys to make for the new school year!


1.  Decorating Pencils with Washi Tape

This absolutely adorable craft is an easy way to make a cute essential item for school while only using washi tape and pencils!



Project Source – thepinkdoormat

2.  Monogram Messenger Zipper Pouch

From art materials to basic stationary, finding a suitable pouch that’s easy to carry around can be a real struggle..just use some colored fabric, zipper, and sewing supplies to stitch up this perfect little pouch!


Project Source and Tutorial- flamingotoes

3.  DIY Desk Organizer

This cute organizer is easy to can even make it out of empty cans, toilet paper rolls, and more recycled items from your house such as cereal boxes! To give your organizer a finished look, rewrapping the items can do wonders to your diy project!


Project Source- modpodgerocksblog

4.  DIY Rainbow Watercolor Backpack

This backpack is both stylish and practical! Grab a plain white backpack, and go crazy:)


Project Source- momtastic

5.  Colorful Bookcovers

Brit+Co couldn’t have said it better!:

“Whether you’re going to back to school and want to make those ragged old textbooks a little prettier, or are considering recovering all the books in your bookcase for a cool piece of home decor, making new book covers is a fun way to personalize those pages. We’ve got a little bit of everything here, from duct tape to crocheted covers — but, don’t worry, we also have the classic brown paper bag like you’ve never seen it before. So don’t spend another second looking at a naked book. Get some inspiration from these pretty projects and start wrapping!”colorful-bookcovers

Project Source- brit+co


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